Goldpac Financial Security Chip Operating System Accelerating the Replacement by Domestic One

June 4, 2021

As a reliable Fintech product and service providers, Goldpac Group Limited (stock code: 03315. HK) positively participates in, joins hands with domestic mainstream chip manufacturers to continue to carry out the research of financial security chip operating system, for accelerating the financial IC card “localization” process of the whole industrial chain. In the past year, Goldpac has developed and launched a new generation of financial security chip operating system such as “CardArmour”, which has not only obtained the endorsement of the state, but also obtained the authoritative qualification certification – embedded software security certification of UnionPay card chip. Since the use of the customer, it has been highly praised.

According to the “Notice on Several Policies on Promoting the High-quality Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry and the Software Industry in the New Era”, issued by the State Council of China in August 2020, China needs to improve the innovation capacity and development quality of its industries, accelerate the construction of its domestic science and technology industry, and promote the home-based substitution process. In the Fintech field, with the gradual realization of the localization and autonomization of financial IC card hardware chips and encryption algorithms, it is urgent to accelerate the domestic autonomy, security and control of the financial security chip operating system. As one of authentication enterprises certified by China UnionPay, Goldpac has focused on financial security software and products for nearly thirty years, and has developed a consensus on the importance of accelerating the UnionPay card core chip’s security updates and research and development work through independent controllability, committed to ensure the safety of national economic operation and the property.

Goldpac’s new generation of financial security chip operating system has some performance advantages such as large user space, fast running speed and so on, and also has the advantages of high security. While effectively avoiding the waste of resources, the operating system can be closely combined with domestic safety chips, and the safety protection ability of hardware can be deeply explored, so as to build a protective wall for hardware and software of the chip system, but also build a safe bridge for the effective connection between the application of domestic chip system and the industry ecology. It can be widely used in financial payment, mobile communication, electronic wallet, Internet of Things, transportation, industrial applications and other fields.

In the future, Goldpac will unswervingly promote the independent, innovative and controllable development strategy, actively carry out industrial cooperation with the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, strengthen the integration construction of “production, learning and research”, and further strengthen the research and development of fully independent and controllable financial IC card products based on domestic high security chips. We will continue to promote product innovation and technological innovation, promote the commercial use of a series of independent controllable products in multi-scene industrialization, and further explore the global market of domestic Fintech products.