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Loyalty Redemption Benefits Platform

While complying with legal regulatory requirements for the loyalty industry, the platform unlocks the value of loyalty points generated by organizations. It helps realize the interactive use of these points between users and their points redemption through blockchain technology.

This represents a new ecology in loyalty points mechanisms with the focus placed on loyalty points as a means of payment to attract organizations and users alike and scale quickly.

The platform not only provides multi-dimensional solutions for user acquisition, user stickiness, merchandise sales and traffic realization for integral institutions; but also provides multi-platform and multi-scene loyalty and a variety of related merchandise exchange services for users to meet their diverse demands and scenarios.

Customer Value

High-frequency features of lottery business

Lottery is a small and high-frequency commodity, occupying a small amount of funds of the points agency, with high user frequency, lottery-specific attributes and strong user fission effect, which significantly improves the daily activity rate of the points agency’s own channels.

Flexible combination with banking needs

The points-for-lottery platform is modularized and provides an API interface for personalized lottery ticket issuance, effectively combining customer KPIs and provides flexible access to the API interface for lottery ticket issuance in the process of new card application/card tying/old card activation/membership benefits, etc.

No registration and Login Needed

The CRM system based on customer organization adopts cross-platform authorization technology, and users can seamlessly access the lottery business system and experience the points-for-lottery business.

Dynamic write-off of user points

Write-off of points entitlements for users to redeem lottery tickets in real time, supporting customer organizations to customize dynamic and diversified ways to combine points entitlements.

Convenient prize redemption

After winning the lottery, the prize redemption is completed by the points-for-lottery platform, and after the user initiates the prize redemption, the prize is transferred to the user’s bank card by China UnionPay in real time for safety and convenience.

Cooperation in various ways

Customers can combine a variety of games according to the activity time, participating users, winning mechanism and prize pool control. There are also rich lottery bonus features for banks to fully obtain the public and private domain traffic.

User Values

Lottery Value

The lottery concept does not require educating users and is characterized with small face value, high value ceiling, limited budget, and maximum output.

Emotional value

The strong emotional implantation of brand and user chain, the joy of users receiving lottery tickets, the anticipation of users checking the winning information, the joy of personal winning, the joy of sharing the luck of family and friends.

Points for activity

Efficient use of user surplus points to enhance the gold content of user points. Enhance the usage rate of the points organization app through lottery redemption, inquiry, prize redemption and other operations to improve user stickiness.

Customer acquisition by fission

Fission occurs in the users’ family and friends group; cell phone number as a unique identification code makes clear social chain, to assist the points agency to determine the Key Opinion Consumer

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