Goldpac Artificial Intelligence Technology Helps Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Create Excellence Again

June 16, 2021

Recently, Goldpac Group Ltd. (Stock Code: 03315. HK) announced that the Goldpac GoldAudit content audit system went online successfully at the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPD Bank). The system is used for compliance and audit services, and is based on artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology to help SPD Bank deliver its DIY project in a safe and efficient manner. It is also another successful application of Goldpac A.I. technology in a financial services usage scenario.

Adhering to the core value of “holding to integrity and striving for excellence”, SPD Bank has been a pioneer in leading the introduction of technology concepts and innovation. The application of A.I. technology is the embodiment of SPD Bank’s concept of “new thinking and from-the-heart service”, representing SPD Bank’s continuous pursuit of technological excellence and service excellence, and is an example of the combination of innovative technology and financial use case scenarios.

In recent years, Goldpac has rapidly established a unique competitive advantage in the field of A.I. image recognition by focusing on the development needs of the digital transformation of its core customers and on the core technology of fintech. The company is making full use of deep learning, machine learning related A.I. technologies, such as image processing, video processing, natural language processing (NLP) for technical layout and system development, to provide financial institutions with comprehensive solutions for business processes online.

GoldAudit Content Audit System Solution successfully integrates A.I. technology with the online requirements of bank card business. Through the A.I. application, it can solve the massive picture compliance audit challenges faced by banks. It can accurately identify and flag illegal videos, pictures and texts in various fields such as violence and terrorism, pornography and copyright infringement according to the needs of customers. The identification scope, accuracy and processing speed are among the leading levels in China, which can help banks effectively control risks, reduce labor costs and risks, facilitate the development of banks’ core businesses and in turn create excellence. GoldAudit utilizes independent intellectual property rights and a number of invention patents, and was recognized as the “2020 Zhuhai Best Software Technology Innovation Product”, which has been successfully implemented and has been deployed at many large banks.

In the future, as a trustworthy fintech provider, Goldpac will continue to increase investment in A.I. CV and NLP fields, in-depth research on A.I. algorithms, and is committed to providing a full range of services of “technology + industry + ecology” for the digital transformation of financial institutions, and to promote the integration of online and offline construction, improving the intelligent, digital and scenario-based financial services, and creating excellence by leveraging innovative solutions to help financial institutions.