Business Pain Points

In recent years, cloud computing and the Internet of Things has profoundly changed the way infrastructure is built. The traditional production of information technology operations and maintenance was essentially a “passive operation and maintenance” mode where end-user failure is reported to the production manager, then assigned to operations and maintenance personnel to deal with the failure. This was an inefficient way to address the failure repair, inspection and maintenance pressures and was a great waste of resources.

Therefore, the use of Internet of Things technology for equipment to improve efficiency is an inevitable trend of business development.

Solution Scenarios

Equipment management for financial institutions

Facility management for government/business organizations

O&M staff management and efficiency improvement

Customer Repair and Service Management

Solution  Structure

Management Team

• Manage customer organization

• Manage device deployment information

• Assign customer work orders

Operations and Maintenance Platform

• Track work order processing progress

• Monitor O&M staff activities

• Real-time monitoring of equipment conditions

Operations and Maintenance Center


• Client electronic ticket generation

• Problem Complaints

Cloud Services

Operations and maintenance staff

• Receive work orders in real time

• Report task processing progress

• Query knowledge base

Bank Ⅰ

Bank Ⅱ

Bank Ⅲ

Bank IV

Program Advantages

Multi-channel problem reporting

Customer incidents can be reported by traditional telephone or QR codes which are convenient, fast and avoids delayed repair due to phone call failure.

Repair progress tracking

Customers can track the progress of repairs in confidence, thus elevating the customers service experience.

Customer Complaints and Suggestions

Collecting customers’ suggestions and opinions provides greater understand of what customers want to better solve their concerns in a timely manner.

Unified management of equipment ledgers

A wide variety of self-service equipment models are available. Switch to advanced information management tools for easier equipment management.

Online work order assignment

Equipment O&M work is assigned through online centralized management with progress tracking enabled. Workloads can be quantified and easy to assess.

Knowledge-base Information Sharing

Product training materials, maintenance manuals, and instruction documents are sent to O&M staff through information management channels to assist O&M personnel in utilizing the information effectively in their work.

Functional Features

Intelligent repair of equipment

Real-time monitoring of equipment operation data, real-time equipment fault alarms, and establishment of a closed-loop fault monitoring O&M system.

Equipment Lifecycle Management

Establishing equipment life-cycle files to implement complete life-cycle management of equipment from factory, use, maintenance to offline states.

Intelligent Operation of Facilities

Monitor the use of equipment supplies, predict the supply replenishment, advance notification of O&M staff, prepare supplies for customers in a timely manner, and proactively serve customers.

Automatic work order assignment

Customer repair work orders can be automatically assigned to operations and maintenance personnel. This is done via mobile providing anytime, anywhere convenience with information on customer, contact, location, equipment failure codes and possible solutions.

Mobile sharing of knowledge and information

Proper management of the knowledge base gives operations and maintenance personnel ready access to operation manuals and solutions to common problems at any time through the mobile terminal, thereby facilitating remote knowledge sharing.

Visual Components

Data Dashboards

Analysis of critical equipment indicators

Use equipment capacity, quality, failure, OEE, process and inventory as important analysis indicators to measure O&M status.

Geographic Equipment Deployment Map

Display equipment deployment area by regions and cities, allowing managers to fully visualize equipment statuses at a glance.

Network wide equipment monitoring

Monitor the status of each equipment, analyze consumables consumption patterns and detect equipment failure in advance.

O&M Mini Program

Real-time push customer equipment O&M orders, send work positioning, submit completed work orders, view knowledge base solutions…

Official Accounts for Repair Requests

Provide timely escalation of customer problems to the portal

Fast Problem Collection & Solving