Product Features

01Domestic Operating System

Goldpac independently developed its domestic IC card operating system on the back of its domestic security chip design. It offers strong security, rapid product development, large memory space and fast operating speeds. Goldpac leverages the security protection capability of the chip to build a hardware and software protection shield. This also forms a security bridge for the application of domestic chip systems to interact effectively within the industry ecology.

02Wide Range of Products

Goldpac has a rich financial IC card product portfolio. With nearly 30 years of experience in the financial industry, our products cover most of the international and domestic chip types. Each chip series is equipped with self-developed platforms and applications, and supports contact, contactless, and dual interface communication interfaces as options.

03Leading Technology Position

All chips, systems and applications have acquired international EAL5+ and BCTC certifications respectively. Goldpac cards fully support national and international encryption algorithms. adopt independent and controllable platform, applications can easily be customized and loaded to support applications in various fields such as finance, social security and transportation.

04Innovative Process on Card

Leveraging years of experience in card manufacturing, Goldpac has acquired several industry leading card innovation processes. We have an award winning, professional design team to create stunning and captivating designs. A wide variety of cards have been widely used in different industries and are recognized by customers worldwide.

Each Card is a Crafted Work of Art

Since 2004, Goldpac has been Awarded41ICMA“Elan Awards”

The ICMA Elan Award – is the most prestigious award in the global financial payment card industry. It highlights world-class achievements in financial payment product design and technology innovation, covering thousands of financial institutions and top service providers in the global financial payment industry.

Customer Value

One-stop Card Solution

We provide one-stop services across the entire financial IC card product chain. From card application and platform development, personalized data preparation, project certification and testing, to card production, intelligent logistics delivery, and expert technical support, a professional team is available to serve you at every step.

Flexible and Customizable Applications

Goldpac has accumulated comprehensive R&D experience on card COS platform and application development. We can provide personalized IC card products through rapid, flexible, and customized development to meet customer needs.

Personalized Card Designs

Goldpac’s personalized card face customization platform uses big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, to provide users with thousands of card face design options, making customers stand out from the competition in a crowded industry.

Optimal User Experience

Financial IC cards offer a large capacity memory space, high-speed operation and smooth transaction efficiency as well as secure and stable transaction performance. This allows users to enjoy the experience of safe and fast payment.

Application Scenarios

Domestic Transactions

International Transactions


Gaining the trust of global customers


Domestic and Overseas Banks

International Banks, State-owned Banks, Joint-stock Banks, City Commercial Banks, County Banks


Government Projects


Smart City Projects



Retail, Healthcare, Internet, Airline, Dining, Education, Gas Station