Customer Values

Customized Card Appearance

Highly customizable options include handwritten signatures, stickers and visual embellishments, full-frame and half-frame color photos and more.

AI Image Enhancement

Enhance consumer generated content or use authorized IP content to elevate the attractiveness of the card design.

Specialized Printing Effects

Choose from a selection of special card printing effects to add an extra dimension of style.

Application Scenarios


For major banks that need to attract new customers through personalized card services to acquire specific customer segments

Business-end & Customer-end Merchants

For merchants who need to promote their brand value through customized cards and increase footfall traffic.

Core Functions

UMV Platform

Overview Of The Platform Operation

AI Smart Audit System

Prohibited Category

Pornography, sensitive or inappropriate materials ilegal or prohibited by regulatory bodies.

Copyright Category

Any kind of copyrighted and/or protected material.

Image Corrections

Image enhancement/recovery and adjustment for optimal printing quality.

General Restricted

Potentially visually sensitive, protected landmarks and artifacts, restricted texts, scenes with crowds, ID images etc.

Success Cases

Commercial bank credit card DIY customization platform

Customization of card face

Customization of card number

Online purchase/order



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