Product Features

01Domestic operating system

The domestic IC card platform operating system is based on domestic hardware security chip design. It offers advanced security, rapid development, large application space and fast operating speeds.

02Wide Range of Products

Based on nearly 30 years of experience serving the financial sector, Goldpac has a rich social security card product line. Each chip series provides an independent development platform and supports multiple interface requirements.

03Comprehensive certification & customization of applications

The chip has obtained EAL5+ security certification, and recently, the platform and application have been certified by the Bank Card Testing Center and the Ministry of Social Security. The card supports both national cryptographic algorithm and international algorithm. By adopting an independent and controllable platform, the application offers personalized development according to business requirement, which can fully meet the needs of various card application scenarios in finance, social security, and transportation industries.

Customer Value

One-stop card solution

We provide one-stop services across the entire product chain of financial IC cards, from card application/platform development, personalized data preparation, project certification/testing to card production, intelligent logistics delivery, and expert technical support. The most professional team is available to serve you in every step.

Flexible and customizable applications

Goldpac has accumulated comprehensive R&D experience on card COS platform and application development. We can provide the instant and flexible localization of the third generation social security cards according to the needs of various regions.

End to end Industrial Chain for Production & Issuance fo Cards

Goldpac has developed its self-service terminals by combining technologies including big data, cloud platform, and biometric authentication among others. It provides entire industrial chain solutions managing the lifecycle of social security cards.

Optimal user experience

Financial IC cards offer a large capacity memory space, high-speed operation and smooth transaction efficiency as well as secure and stable transaction performance. This allows users to enjoy the experience of safe and fast payment.

Achieving multiple “firsts”

As one of the core suppliers of social security cards in China, Goldpac actively participates in large large domestic financial and social security card projects.

We have provided more than 300 solutions to professional or personalized services for both social security card projects and citizenship card projetcs. Relying on comprehensive solutions, a professional service team and a full-range of services, we are recognized by colleagues and customers alike. We are the first major supplier of financial social security card projects in China (Chongqing & Guizhou), having issued hundreds of millions of social security cards to date.

Changzhou Social Security card

To provide solutions for China’s first medical smart card project

Yunnan Social Security card

To provide solutions for China’s first provincial-level oversize social security card project

Hangzhou Social Security card

To provide solutions for the first citizen card project loaded with multiple applications in China

Zhuhai Social Security card

To provide solutions for China’s first dual-chip CPU social security card project

Beijing Social Security card

To provide solutions for China’s first social security card project supporting national secret algorithm

Chongqing & Guizhou Social Security card

To provide solutions for China’s first financial Social security card pilot project

Application scenarios

Daily purchases & Consumption

Settlement of medical purchases

Pension Withdrawal

Electronic documents

Employment and Unemployment Services


Electronic documents

Employment and Unemployment Services


Successful Projects