Our Advantages

A leader in the Smart card industry

Our card products & services cover 25 countries and regions in the world, covering finance, social security, transportation, health, enterprises and other fields with rich project experience and product reserve.


Flexible product customization

Goldpac can modularize its advanced technologies and combine them into innovative payment products tailored to customer needs.


Abundant application scenarios

The integration of smart card and hotspot technology enables the use of new business scenarios. We meet the specific needs for specific users, to achieve the functions of payment, identification, authentication more security, efficient and fast.


New ecosystem and development

By making full use of big data, cloud services and block chain new technolohgy, Goldpac has developed a wealth of platform services, creating a new ecological model of online and offline development together with cards and terminals.



Guangdong ETC card

In 2019, Goldpac began to produce Guangdong ETC card for the Guangdong Development Bank. This card is a com posite CPU card with both financial functions and ETC functions. It is equipped with a proprietary COS platform. the card body is made of high temperature resistant and environmentally friendly material.

Goldpac was able to guaranteed the card production capacity for the national implementation of the ETC program. In August 2021, we helped CGB issue over 140,000 cards.

Yangchengtong co-branded cards

Postal Saving Bank of Guangdong Branch started to issue Yangchengtong co-branded cards in 2015. The card contains not only the standard functions of a financial card, but also all the functions of Yangchengtong. This is a multifunctional card covering public transportation, metro, taxi, bicycle rental, retail and other citizen applications.

The product is developed based on Goldpac’s mature Goldpay A7 platform, which supports PBOC financial applications. By loading Yangchengtong applications the card also supports Yangchengtong traffic applications and provides compatibility with multiple traffic applications to offer fast payment while meeting the high security of financial applications.

Wuxi Citizen Card

Industrial Bank Wuxi Citizen Card, referred to as “Su Xin Card”, is a financial debit card issued in Wuxi that supports the functions of Wuxi public transportation and subway.

This product is the first typical case of Industrial Bank that adopts PBOC3.0 extended application technology to realize the functions of bus, subway and people’s livelihood, etc. The product is exclusively participated by Goldpac and is designed with unified planning.

HDFC Citizen Card

This card is the first multi-application product issued by HDFC Bank in cooperation with the local citizen card, which can be used in public transportation such as rail bus and cab, and can also be used in the merchants of the citizen card company. 2016, Goldpac assisted HDFC Bank to launch “Su Xin Card” again. This product is the first IC card product of HDFC Bank that adopts financial extension application to support public transportation and subway, which not only can be used as electronic cash to take subway through “Quick Pass”, but also has all the functions of ordinary bank cards.

#Ping An University Town Campus Card

Ping An University Town Campus Card

The Ping An University City Town Card adopts a dual-chip model, the card contains financial, campus and library applications, in addition to standard financial functions, it can realize campus functions such as payment, access control, attendance, identification, personnel management, etc. In addition, the M1 emulation function is also compatible with the water control and electric control applications of the old school terminals, while the card has RFID tags that can be used in Shenzhen Science and Technology Library and Shenzhen University Library, solving the problem of students carrying multiple cards and truly realizing the desire of campus applications with one card in hand.

According to the campus card structure and application requirements provided by the school system provider, we have customized the COS products for the campus, and assisted the school to go through many rounds of compatibility debugging to supply the best products.

Greater Bay Area Youth Card

The card provides all-round support for Hong Kong youth in the Mainland, with a UnionPay dual-currency platinum credit card as the primary payment function. It is a product aimed at helping Hong Kong youth solve various challenges when working, studying, living and communicating in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

The “Greater Bay Area Youth Card” integrates various functions such as youth services, help and advice, banking services, insurance protection, transportation assistance and communication benefits. Cardholders can also enjoy a series of local support services such as living, travel, shopping and entertainment provided by the youth federations in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau. This makes it easy to open a bank account in mainland cities even if the cardholder is in Hong Kong. A mainland cell phone number is all that is required making it very convenient to use various APPs, and enjoy a large number of supporting services and benefits.

The card is tailored for military veterans in Nantong

The product is jointly issued by ICBC Nantong Branch, Nantong Citizen Card Company and the Nantong Veterans Affairs Bureau. The product is a registered military support card that provides financial and transportation applications. Cardholders can enjoy free rides on public transportation, free admission to scenic spots, preferential shopping and dining and other activities in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, as well as cross-provincial transportation and financial functions.

The resident health card

The resident health card is a basic item of personal information that is relied upon to achieve interoperability and information sharing of medical and health services across systems, institutions and regions. This system comprises electronic health records, electronic medical records and form a three-tier information platform at the center of which is the resident smart health card. The resident health card combines social security card, Xinnonghe card and medical institution visit card in one. It collects and protects all medical records for a citizen from birth to passing.

Gas co-branded card

This card is the first joint card project offering a gas services application by China Merchants Bank. There are still more than 300,000 households in Shijiazhuang with old gas meters, which cannot directly use WeChat or Alipay to pay bills online. If citizens want to replace the IOT smart gas meters they need to install them at their own expense, and the replacement of gas meters in the city is a huge investment.
Therefore, we have developed an NFC gas co-branded card with China Merchants Bank and Shijiazhuang Gas Company to replace the original gas card. Consumers can pay gas bills online through the China Merchants Bank APP. The project has been well received and citizens find it convenient to pay bills. China Merchants Bank plans to expand the program to the entire country to offer this convenience to citizens everywhere.

Fuhai Fuel Card

China Everbright Bank Dongying Branch and Fuhai Group have launched a nationwide credit card. The “Fuhai Fuel Card” adopts the “single chip, dual application” model, integrating the functions of both bank card and fuel card. Cardholders enjoys a number of innovative services such as bank points exchange, fuel card top-up discounts, convenience store discount, points appreciation, roadside assistance, auto insurance and maintenance.