Customer Value

Innovative customer acquisition tools

With an exquisitely designed surface and innovative technologies, the payment card holds great potential captivating consumer interest. They not only form an important and powerful support function for the merchant system, but can also be a fine work of art, and an often underused and innovative customer acquisition tool.

Personalized card design

The Goldpac card customization platform provides users with thousands of card design choices and is an easy and innovative way to attract consumers.

Flexible and customizable applications

Goldpac has accumulated comprehensive R&D experience on card COS platform and application development. We can provide personalized IC products through rapid, flexible and customized development from card system to card surface to meet customer needs. quickly customized develop according to customers’ needs.

Diversified combination of solutions

We provide a one-stop service catering to the entire industry chain for merchant retail cards from testing to development, logistics and certification. A professional team is available to serve you at every step.

Application scenarios


convenience store

Food & coffee

custom made

Exquisite card design and craftsmanship

Goldpac has been recognized with multiple Elan awards for innovative card design and technology

What’s the ICMA Elan awards?

“Elan AWARDS” is selected by ICMA every year to represent the highest technology, design and safety of the global card making industry, which known as the “Oscar in Card Industry “.
Since 2004, Goldpac has been awarded the Elan Awards several times in various awards such as Process technology, Unique innovation, Secure payment, Personalized service, etc. By 2021, the total number of ICMA Elan Awards won by Goldpac has reached 37.

Success Stories

A well-recognized coffee shop chain

Overall Business Introduction

Our products for this customer include a membership card design, accessories, and materials. We can assist customers with acquisition, value-added, cultural promotion, business marketing, etc. Goldpac has been cooperating with this customer for nearly a decade, and has provided closed to 100 million cards for this brand.

2021 Elan Best Environmentally-friendly Design Award
Customized membership card using innovative environmentally-friendly material. The card base material is different from the traditional PVC material and uses a special paper laminated production. The durability and toughness of the card approaches PVC, but also has the environmental characteristics of 100% recyclable paper products.
Product categories
Card Business:PVC magnetic stripe card, contactless IC card, shaped card, etc
A variety of peripheral merchandise
A wide selection of integrated products equipped with security chips.