Retail Business Pain Points

Only in-store consumption, no online option platform

The O2O experience model has become an increasingly prevalent lifestyle. A brick-and-mortar store alone is no longer sufficient to sustain a customer base.

Inability to communicate campaign information online

It is too troublesome and time-consuming to contact customer through manual texting or adding messaging channels.
Loss of customers through long periods of inactive communication.
Footfall declines as customers are not reminded of their membership benefits.

Serious loss of customer resources

Users can not timely informed or aware of promotional activities, resulting in a decline for membership cards, and resulting in the loss of customers.

Manual reconciliation is error-prone

Manual reconciliation is complicated, prone to make mistakes and ultimately leaves dtata unreconciled.

Incomplete collection of membership information

The membership database schema may be overly simplistic, making it difficult to conduct big data analysis.
A lack of an accurate assessment of member consumption patterns and preferences makes it impossible to plan targeted marketing activities.

Inability to peform targeted marketing

Traditional report statistics and marketing analysis data are not accurate enough for precise marketing campaigns.

Solution Scenarios

How we help users


Supports different membership card types including virtual and physical membership cards. Virtual membership cards can be used to top-up and pay at any time using mobile phones. Physical membership cards support top-up and in-store payment. All membership cards support use of third party payment, cash and other top-up methods.


Support merchants to stocking membership cards in batches from the platform. Provides a variety of membership card products, such as virtual membership cards, IC cards, bracelets, watches, and other smart card devices. Merchants can provide membership card issuance services, and support pre-paid membership cards, merchant App QR code payment and smart POS payment.

Platform Operators

Helps audit merchant purchase information and manage merchant information and settlement. Support for statistical analysis of member transactions such as top-up and payment, etc., to provide operational data merchants can use.

Solution Functions

Membership Management

Provide merchants with membership card management, card application, top-up, card points, membership data management, consumption records, etc., so that merchants have real-time information about their members and consumption situation.

Merchandise & Financial Management

Support individual stores, chain stores, franchises and other modes of retail management, allowing members to view their top-up and payment transaction details. Merchants get access to settlement, and financial details, letting them always know the status of the accounts.

Franchise Management

Support single stores, chain stores, franchise stores in a variety of operating modes.

Fast checkout with face recognition

Provide real-time checkout at the cashier, fast checkout services, account and order information summaries, as well as optional facial recognition and payment features for members.

Marketing Center

Provide merchants with point spending rules setting, point accumulation, point redemption, coupon generation, coupon issuance, coupon use, event promotion setting, etc. to meet various marketing and promotion needs of merchants.

Solution Features


Membership level, membership points
Member password, member benefits


Merchant audit, merchant permissons
Device management, data analysis


Online top-up, balance inquiry,
top-up record, top-up promotional activity


Available balance payment, WeChat payment
Alipay payment, bank card payment


Registration bonus, top-up offer
Spending discounts, membership activation


Turnover analysis, membership analysis
Customer flow analysis, activity analysis

Program Advantages

Online and offline activities

Broad range of activities, more flexible organization, and easier to implement

Easier access to member information

Encourage voluntary submission of birthday, hobby, age, address, income and other information.

Accurate placement of marketing programs

Increase the variety of online delivery channels to achieve accurate and cost effective ad delivery based on data analysis.

Accurate delivery of event information

Online communication makes it easier and faster to reach all users with campaign information or specific users alike.

Membership Privileges

Members can enjoy more benefits and more hassle-free after-sales services. The solution provides members with a better user experience.

Accurate operating data

Perform multi-dimensional data analysis through user profile analysis, membership analysis, turnover analysis, activity conversion rates, retention rate analysis, etc. to optimize operation strategy.

Customer Value


• Retaining customers, creating customer loyalty, and increasing customer stickiness.

• Prepaid consumption is convenient for customers, and also facilitates cashflow, which can be invested back into stores, forming a virtuous cycle.

• Stimulate customer purchase psychology, thus generating more potential sales.

• Tailor the release of various marketing activities for merchants to stimulate sales.

Campus Operators

• Sell products, provide ongoing services and charge service fees.

• Provide payment channels for merchants and collect transaction fees and service fees.

• Collect deposits and accumulate funds.


• Provide users with an easy to use and manage membership card management system.

• Provide all kinds of discount information from merchants to generate savings.

Application Scenarios


Convenience Stores


Customization of user requirements