Customer Value

Innovative customer acquisition tools

The CBDC hardware wallet is a new marketing tool for banks to acquire new customers. It is designed to addresses the payment pain points of different industry actors and provides a variety of wallet solutions.

Secure asset management

Hardware wallets protect the storage of digital currencies through financial-industry-certified security hardware and optional fingerprint modules. This provides maximum security and confidentiality.

Wide range of scenarios

The hardware wallet can load a variety of applications for use in finance, transportation and social security. It also has optional functional modules such as a display screen, Bluetooth and numeric keypad for various application scenarios.

Perfect user experience

Recent upgrades to the hardware wallet have resulted in increased performance. Users can expect an even smoother user experience.

Use Case Scenarios

Senior Citizen Payment

The card wallet is equipped with a large visible screen that makes the text clear and easy to recognize, and has the advantages of portable, easy to top-up and use, allowing seniors to enjoy the convenience of digital currency payments and bridge the “digital divide”.

Student Payment

Since smart devices are forbidden from bringing to schools, the card wallet satisfies the needs of micro-payment of elementary students and middle school students, and the fingerprint feature eliminates parents’ worries about transactions and lost cards.

International Payment

With the advantages of easy opening and no need to bind domestic bank accounts, the card wallet is more suitable for international visitors coming to China, and the card wallet can be widely used in scenarios such as international events, talks and daily consumption.

Products And Solutions

CBDC visual wallet

Large E-ink screen
A super-large, flexible dot-ink screen displays customized content. Large fonts help offer a clear, comfortable, and reflection free use. Suitable for a variety of user groups.
Passive power supply design
Powered only by the radio frequency field generated by a card reader, the wallet can forego a power suppply, extending the life of the wallet.
Flexible platform and applications
Wallets are also compatible with traditional bank card functions and usage scenarios. Its large memory space can be used for applications in a variety of different fields.

CBDC fingerprint visual wallet

Secure fingerprint chip
A built-in fingerprint sensor provides an additional layer of authentication and protection. Optimized algorithms help ensure a high accuracy rate and fast response time.
QR code display screen
The high resolution dot matrix eInk display can be used for QR codes, can display 256 bit tokens and offers chrisp visuals.
Durable power supply design
A long-life, high-capacity lithium battery powers the unit.

CBDC full-function wallet

Capable of both funds receipt and payment
Able to support card or reader modes with digital currency transactions for collection, payment, query, synchronization and other functions. Additional applications can be loaded to address new use case scenarios.
Flexible operation and clear interface
An array of 13 buttons provides versatility and convenience to handle user interaction and augments the high resolution E Ink display for clear customized information and QR code display.
Supports a variety of interaction modes
Bluetooth, NFC and QR code display work together to provide three flexible channels of communication. The built-in, high capacity battery offers long operation and standby times.

CBDC shaped wallet

Target and attract a younger demographic and early adopters alike by providing digital currency wallets in custom shaped form factors.

CBDC Wearable wallet

Leveraging our expertise in developing digital currency products. We can apply these technologies to new form factors such as bracelets, rings and other wearables. This will help build a broad base of products that are ready for the digital currency era.