Customer Value

Simple and Secure Accessibility

Provides highly integrated and standardized technical interfaces.Provides customized algorithm models based on application characteristics.

Smart curated gallery

The gallery is automatically curated and driven by big data and a reference library of data.

Tailored audit parameters

Audit parameters are tailored for the use case and can be adjusted on-demand.

Uninterrupted 24×7 service

24/7 operation performs over 10 million image audits, greatly reducing the cost of operation.

Application Scenarios

Bank Credit Card Center

Ensures that the content contained in the images used are in compliance with local legal and regulatory regulations.

Social Security Card

End-user generated content are imaged processed into formats suitable for card issuance equipment use.

Core Functions

AI intelligent content review solution

Business Background
AI intelligent audit
Content Processing

Success Cases

Customized solutions for credit card issuance with major banks

Technical audits are peformed on the content uploaded by consumers according to parameters designed to filter illegal or unwanted material such as pornography, politically sensitive, prohibited material, and any other offensive of inappropirate content.

The combination of machine audit and manual audit, reduces labor costs
by 80%.

Automated image inspection, increases inspection frequency nearly 10 fold.