Key Functions


Smart Photograph: automaticly adjust camera height and backlight


Monitoring Function:overall operation as well as partial fingerprint capture monitoring


Instant Self-service Card Issuance Information Verification


QR Code Identification


Touch Panel Interface


A4 Receipt Printer


ID Card Reading Function


Document and Photo Recognition


Signature Pen

Customer Value

One-stop Self-service

Photo taking service, card issuance, information collection and verification and other functions are provided with voice and text prompts. Facilitating the provision of self-service operations while effectively enhancing the experience.

Improve Business Efficiency

The kiosk can be expanded into a multi-function and 24-hour self-service kiosk. Helps to alleviate in-branch counter pressure, improves manpower utilization, reduce operating costs, and effectively improves the management quality of related institutions.

Enhance the Provision of Government Services

Provide greater convenience for citizens, allowing them to access everything they need to complete their service requests in one go.

Innovative Customer Acquisition

Platform The self-service kiosk can be expanded to provide a convenient business promotion and processing tool. It is an effective means for banks to gain customers and promote business growth.

Rich Function Free Customization Versatile and Flexible Customization Options

Application Scenarios


Innovative Self-Service for Digital Currency

Building towards the future digital currency business, these kiosks can support account opening, instant issuance of hard wallets, and can issue foreign currency cards to meet the needs of domestic and foreign business processing.

Bank and Social Security Service Branches

Ideal for serving bank, social security, government and enterprises deployments and other 24-hour unmanned self-service outlets. These units can be placed at lobbies, providing cardholders with a convenient one-stop card-making service from application to issuance.

Self-service at Transportation Hubs such as Airports and Stations

Suited also for use at airports, bus stations or piers, the self-service kiosk can be equipped with leading biometric technologies and big data capabilities providing identity verification, ticket purchase, inquiry or any other service.

Successful Cases