Exploring the Artistry in Technology at Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023

September 6, 2023

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Located at booth C66, an adorned art gallery stood amongst hundreds of conventional exhibition booths. Payment cards are still an important branding element for issuers, and stimulating cardholder interest helps drive usage. Artful booth aesthetics worked in concert with clever demonstrations to emphasize the creative aspects of payment card design whilst illustrating the customizability of advanced issuance technologies.

Visitors were welcomed by stunning displays of intricate premium card effects and finishings which are works of art in themselves.

The STT502 onboarding terminal sat among majestic portraits of horses, symbolising its ability to integrate functions of multiple devices into one, encompassing biometric, identification, document input, and numerous account administrative operations.

Our compact, all-in-one card issuance printer, PIE001 used an employee staff card issuance demonstration to showcase its capabilities for account onboarding, identity verification, photo ID taking, and card issuance. The photo ID step applied a Goldpac-developed algorithm embedded in Marvel Digital Ai’s edge computing AI chip to process photos in accordance with relevant photo ID requirements.

Below two graceful hummingbird portraits, visitors can print unique imagery with the on-demand DIY DCE160 card printer. They can upload images or utilise an AI content generator via Goldpac’s mobile platform, which were then passed through GoldAudit rule-based image verification program.

Rounding off the theme of a modern art gallery, a hologram was used to exhibit a range of commercially deployed self-service kiosks.

Lastly, visitors can enjoy the gallery wall featuring artified visuals of the Goldpac Zhuhai Fintech Centre and videos of our production processes, leaving them with an impressionable experience of what Goldpac has to offer to the world’s fintech development.