Goldpac Wins China ESG Award for Best Corporate Governance (G) Case

October 20, 2021

(October 20, 2021, Hong Kong) On October 19, 2021, the 2021 CLS·ESG Summit Forum and Award Ceremony was held in Shanghai. Goldpac Group Limited (stock code: 03315. HK) stood out in the 2021 China Best ESG Selection and won the Award for Best Corporate Governance (G) Case.

ESG refers to Environment、Social and Corporate Governance, which is used to evaluate enterprises’ performance in promoting sustainable economic development and fulfilling social responsibilities. In order to pay tribute to Chinese enterprises which have made outstanding contributions to ESG in China and express the industry’s recognition of responsible companies, CLS launched the “2021 China Best ESG Selection”. In conjunction with industry leaders, experts, scholars, and senior media professionals, they selected outstanding ESG cases by considering five dimensions including company status, ESG status, environment, society and corporate governance, so as to encourage more companies to develop in ESG.

As a trustworthy provider of fintech products and services, Goldpac continues to practice ESG concepts, actively fulfills its social responsibilities, and achieves high-quality development of the company. Relying on its outstanding performance in corporate governance such as business ethics, risk management, board independence and diversification, information disclosure, shareholder returns, etc., Goldpac won the Award for Best Corporate Governance (G) Case.

Establishing and improving the construction of a compliance risk management system

Good corporate governance can effectively safeguard the interests of shareholders and enhance corporate value and management responsibilities. Goldpac attaches great importance to risk control and compliance management, establishes a sound compliance risk management framework, realizes effective identification and management of compliance risks, and promotes the construction of a comprehensive risk management system. Further to develop financial technology to ensure that the company’s compliance and risk management standards are effective, Goldpac improves the internal control mechanism, and ensures the continuous, stable and healthy development of the company’s various businesses and overall operations.

In terms of information disclosure, Goldpac has always implemented the inside information and insider management system, and regularly reminds directors and employees to properly abide by all inside information policies. Adhering to the principles of truthful, accurate, complete and fair disclosure and strictly following the requirements of the listing rules of the Stock Exchange, Goldpac continuously improves the information disclosure system to ensure the effectiveness and transparency of the company’s information disclosure. Among the small and medium-sized Hong Kong stock companies, the diversity and advancement of Goldpac’s information disclosure and investor communication have always been at the forefront. In addition to regular financial reports, announcements, shareholder meetings, and investor columns on official website, multiple online and offline communication channels have been developed based on the diverse needs of investors.

Goldpac has always been adhering to the concept of value creation and returns for shareholders. Since its listing on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2013, Goldpac has continued to maintain strong profitability through active promotion of its development strategy. The accumulated revenue has exceeded RMB 10 billion and the accumulated profit is more than RMB 1.5 billion, maintaining an industry-leading profitability level. While committed to steady growth, Goldpac has maintained a stable and considerable dividend policy for a long time. So far, it has distributed nearly RMB 900 million in dividends, with a cumulative dividend payout ratio of 60%.

Fulfilling social responsibilities actively

As a fintech company, Goldpac is also actively taking social responsibilities while providing quality services and products. Goldpac’s smart products and services not only serve for people’s livelihood in the fields of social security, transportation, medical care, etc., but also promote the sustainable development of charity and philanthropy and spread positive energy. Goldpac has participated in charity and donations many times to grow and progress with the society. Over the years, Goldpac has actively engaged in poverty alleviation, education assistance, anti-epidemic relief, public facilities construction, voluntary services, etc., participating in charitable donation projects in several cities to practice social responsibilities.

Implementing the concept of green and low-carbon

In the past 30 years, Goldpac has always adhered to the exploration and innovative application of cutting-edge technologies, actively practiced the concept of green and low-carbon life. Goldpac has continued to develop a variety of eco-friendly products, and built a green payment ecosystem with customers. From the early paper cards and ECOZEN cards to a series of “green cards” made from recycled materials, biodegradable materials, bio-based materials and other eco-friendly materials, each eco-friendly product shows Goldpac’s real practice of social responsibility and green management.