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The highway ETC system is composed of a number of major components including smart cards, vehicle OBU, microwave antennas, ground sensors, toll booth control sub-systems and back-end data systems. Together, these components and sub-systems create a fully professional, automated, operator-free, auto-toll collection solution for highway, parking lots and relevant sites.  Leveraging its experience with developing solutions that bring together cross-industry disciplines, Goldpac introduces its highway ETC solution, whose system is compatible with bookkeeping cards, stored value cards, credit cards and other kind of card related systems. A solution that greatly enhances the efficiency of highway toll collection, reduces the impact to the environment and fosters greener travel. With this solution, the objective is to accelerate the pace of intelligent urban traffic.


Fast and convenient

² Convenient toll collection method.

² Fast statistical analysis.

² Quick vehicle crossing .

Operating mode

² 24-hour operation.

² Completely operator-free implementation.

² Smooth toll crossing experience.

Payment security

² Accurate fare collection.

² Secure electronic payment mechanism.

² Convenient repayment and top-up.

Operating benefits

² Increase vehicle throughput.

² Reduces staff costs.

² Reduces vehicle exhaust emissions.