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Leveraging its experience in developing cross-industry integration solutions, Goldpac launched a unified smart card application that encompasses public bus, taxi, metro, ferry and other transportation services. This "one card for all services, all services in one card" product has become a valuable smart card solution for city deployments. The application combines identity verification with related information inquiry services. Small sum payment, public services, government and financial services features are also included. This card can be used at shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and other small sum payment establishments. Citizens could also use it to pay for taxi, water, electricity, gas, pay TV subscriptions and other communications and public services quickly and conveniently. This is the realization of the combination of a standard specification, central card issuance and central management system, multi-applications and an information management platform. It could also achieve interoperability with other city card implementations.


² Integrated solution, supports complete business operations, including card issuance, top-up, payment, card 

       management, terminal management, financial management and all other business modules.

² With high levels of security, the use of financial-level keys and encryption mechanisms to ensure that the security of 

       participants’ data and business is maintained.

² With its stable performance, supports high concurrency business scenarios as well as online/offline payment business.

² With strong scalability, provides a standard interface for business system integration.

² Expand card use scenarios s and improve the card utilization ratio.

² Realize cross-departmental and cross-regional resource integration and information sharing, to elevate management 

       efficiency and service qualities to achieve complementary advantages.

² Avoids duplication of investment by different sectors, leverages the efficiencies of integrated resources, making win-win 

       scenarios feasible across multiple parties.