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Goldpac has a well-developed portfolio of transport card products, which have passed PBOC ED/EP and Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development acceptance and interoperability tests. Since the early 2000’s, Goldpac has been providing the MifareOne transport card to cities and provinces throughout China. With the introduction of the smart card in 2008, Goldpac has been actively involved with different card issuers, helping customers upgrade their public transport programs. The enhanced security, high quality products and services provided by Goldpac have since become trusted by customers.

Goldpac transport card products are fully compliant with major contactless card specifications and can be deployed in an extremely wide range of applications. Earlier projects employed the use of the GemEasy M1 series of transport cards, which included 1K or 4K customer memory capacities. New advancements in smart card technologies have allowed for the development of the GemGold EZ series of transport smart cards. Customer memory storage capacities now range from 8K, 10K, 16K, 21K, 32K, 40K and 80K. It supports a variety of chips from many popular silicon vendors and are available in either Flash or EEPROM formats, comprehensively addressing individual customer personalization needs. These products are now enjoying widespread use across the majority of urban public transport systems.