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Data Processing Services

With the widespread development and innovation in financial technologies, data security has received increasingly greater scrutiny and attention by credit card organizations, banks, governments and other relevant institutions that require high levels of secure data services. Meanwhile, China is continuously perfecting the laws and regulations for data security.  As the pioneer of secure card data processing services in China, Goldpac has always been devoted to the technical research, development and innovation of data processing services and has established a complete security protection schema that encompasses the entire end to end data processing chain, guaranteeing the security of data transmission, storage and use, processing and disposal. This highly effective integrated security management system, enables Goldpac to successfully achieve compliance with all compulsory security audits and certifications mandated by international and domestic financial regulatory organizations, financial institutions, government regulatory departments and third-party organizations, thereby securing its industrial leadership position.

In reality, data security services are an integrated management process. Goldpac uses a security structure design, linking various security control solutions to provide a comprehensive, integrated security management model.

² Central management and integrated system control allows complete tracking of data

² Use of customizable encryption software and hardware to provide a secure data transmission channel

² Implementation of the isolation of data storage and operation improves data security control and  eliminates any possible direct contact between stored data and operations staff

² Automation of data distribution realizes per-operation security

² Control of authorized personnel isolates the management of users’ authorization, achieving data security management

² Compartmentalization of customer data, isolated data storage areas and physical storage separation

² Through system-wide status monitoring, data can be securely disposed of automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention

² Zhuhai, Shanghai and Tianjin Data Centers operate in a full, mutual tripple backup configuration to provide customers with 365, 7*24 continuous service.