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Goldpac can provide customers with a comprehensive and competitive suite of mobile payment solutions that include payment system, mobile Apps and smart secure payment equipment. Cardholders in turn, enjoy a secure and convenient payment experience.

Goldpac's mobile payment solutions are designed for financial institutions, mobile network operators, payment services providers, transport operators and retails.


Create value for customers

² Value added services: Diversified value-added service to assist customers to stimulate growth

² Fund precipitation: To increase the cycle of the fund precipitation

² Open platform: Provides customers with broader opportunities for cooperation with additional parties

Convenience & Ease

² Pay as you go: An electronic cash payment medium for the convenience of P2P payment models. As easy to use as cash, no settlement of accounts required

² B2C or O2O modes offer payment flexibility

Transparency & Security

² Smart secure payment equipment embedded with smart card: An essential element for any secure payment model

² Buyer security: Ensures transactions cannot be tampered with

² Seller security: Verifies authenticity of payment transaction to eliminate counterfeit money

² System financial security: Flow of electronic cash is monitored and audited in real time to prevent against movement of illegal funds

Funny & Interesting

² Diversified funny and interesting Apps enabled by the open platform to attract users of different levels.

² Third party interface: enable connection with third party payment system, to support various payment scenes flexibly.

² Riding on multi-apps platform to integrate traditional service models, to support internet banking at a higher security level, enabling secure and convenient charging services for NFC and contactless smart card. (such as public transport card)