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Campus One-card System

Goldpac's campus one-card system can be used as a closed system or as part of a wider eco-system with external, third-party card issuance and acquisition intermediaries. The system can be operated in accordance with bank business models with regards to assigning appropriate roles and responsibilities. These could be for instance, operation centers, card issuing institutions, intermediaries, acquirers and even liquidation centers. Customers can adapt to changing operational needs by simply adding additional institutional roles as needed.

Furthermore, Goldpac's campus one-card solution effectively realizes a "multiple applications in one card" concept. The system provides card issuance, retail, acquisition, loyalty, enquiry, and loading capabilities. It can be applied to use cases such as attendance, physical access control, mobile POS, water consumption control, turnstile and even electronically controlled lockers. The solution can also be extended to support mobile terminals, smartphone clients and can support QR Codes, NFC and other new payment forms.

The Goldpac campus one-card solution is ideal for applications in colleges, universities, communities and corporate campus environments.


² Realizes true intelligent digital management, improving the efficiency of both supervision and management

² Improved exception handling mechanism ensures stable performance and improved scalability

² High throughput, (big data processing) and real-time data synchronization

² Easy to extend more application, for example, bus service, parking, attendance checking, shopping and access control, to boost a one-stop eco-system.