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Goldpac's campus one-card system can be used as a closed system or as part of a wider eco-system with external, third-party card issuance and acquisition intermediaries. The system can be operated in accordance with bank business models with regards to assigning appropriate roles and responsibilities. These could be for instance, operation centers, card issuing institutions, intermediaries, acquirers and even liquidation centers. Customers can adapt to changing operational needs by simply adding additional institutional roles as needed.

Goldpac’s campus one-card solution supports attendance, access control, car ride, water control, tunnel, toll gate, electronic locker as well as the integration of other application systems and hardware, creating a "one card for multi-purpose" use case scenario.

The solution supports the needs of the closed-loop business operation of campus’ and can also build open business scenarios together with external systems. It supports cross-system payment, financial settlement as well as payment and authentication of cards and mobile Apps. It provides value-added business support modules, such as customer management, customer data analysis and terminal management, as well as hardware facilities, such as self-service card issuing equipment, self-service top-up terminals and intelligent consumer terminals.

The solution supports mobile terminals, smartphone clients, QR Codes, NFC and other new payment forms.


² Applicable to a variety of business scenarios such as enterprise parks, large business districts, chain stores, schools, hospitals, communities and also a variety of business scenarios such as top-up consumption, canteen dining, access control management, attendance management, supermarket purchases, merchant purchases and other business scenarios.

² Provides card issuance, top-up, payment, loss reporting and other basic business support. The solution supports payment transactions settled by merchants. Supports customization of fund statistics report and summary analysis.

² Provides card management, customer management, financial management and other functions. Provides business data statistical analysis, customer analysis, revenue analysis and other value-added business support modules.


² Realizes true intelligent digital management, improving the efficiency of both supervision and management.

² With full terminal equipment support, the system and hardware integration costs can be saved. Supports local deployment and cloud deployment, as well as the customized deployment patterns users require.

² Provides customer data analysis, transaction data analysis, graphic data analysis report and relevant value-added services.

² Provides remote operation and system operation monitoring services to ensure the stable operation of the system.