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As early as 1999, Goldpac has been pioneering the development of prepaid card products and services. It has always been actively involved in the development, innovation and upgrade of third-party prepaid products and related systems, delivering solutions that tightly meet each customer's unique requirements. This unwavering commitment to delivering highly secure and quality products is what has made Goldpac a leader in the field of prepaid cards.

Goldpac has a diverse portfolio of prepaid card products that include early GPM contact-only memory cards containing 256Kbytes and 1Kbytes of memory, to today's Goldpay dual-interface smart cards offering customer memory spaces of 8K, 10K, 16K, 32K, 40K and 80K capacities. A variety microprocessor options are available from both national and international vendors and in both FLASH or EEPROM varieties. These are mainstream technologies that have been extensively used by enterprises and retailers across the nation.

Goldpac is also able to provide highly tailored and professional services that help customers design creative and engaging gift programs to address specific retail promotion themes or even emphasize corporate culture, helping them maximize growth potential.