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Kiosk Issuance System

Take advantage of the improvements in new kiosk technologies to streamline card issuance programs and flows. Allow consumers to address their card issuance needs, self-service, at their own convenience. Reduce costs of delivering cards or increase operating efficiency in-branch. Goldpac self-service card issuance kiosks are fully-automated and self-contained units that can be installed at almost any location. Self-service kiosks endpoints are managed and monitored centrally by the Goldpac Issuance Suite and gives issuers full control over deployment operational details.

A fully personalized card is ready in less than 120 seconds. Each kiosk design can store a variety and quantity of cards and card types. Multiple cards can be produced from ATM, debit, credit, prepaid and even loyalty cards. Full support for non-card, non-cash functions such as those offered by traditional ATM units, adding additional functionality and practicality.