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Card Issuance Systems


High-volume desktop issuance
The 450 system issues up to 420 standard financial format (40 character embossed) cards per hour, using a 112-character card embossing wheel with standard typesets. It provides the speed that financial and retail card issuers need to maintain high productivity, and its space-saving design fits easily on any desktop.

Flexible design
Start with card embossing, then add features as your card program evolves. Options include magnetic stripe and smart card encoding, front or back indent printing and color topping.

Easy operation
An intuitive LCD panel provides helpful prompts for operators. In addition, the card loading tray, output tray and topping foil cassette are designed for easy access, which minimizes the time operators spend replenishing supplies and handling cards.

The  450 card personalization system provides card embossing, topping and other capabilities required to produce high-quality credit, debit, ATM and other financial cards in a fast, single-pass operation. This easy-to-use system can be upgraded at any time.

² Deliver up to 420 cards per hour.

² Save space with a compact design.

² Expect superior quality and reliability.