MX2100 | Central Card Issuance Systems | 产品与解决方案 | 智能卡|EMV|社保卡|个人化|银行卡---全球领先的智能卡解决方案提供商

Card Issuance Systems


The MX Series Platform includes a comprehensive range of technologies to choose from, depending upon your volumes, personalization requirements, card carrier requirements, and growth objectives. Integrate a combination of these technologies to meet your program needs.

MX2100 Card Issuance System

² Magnetic Stripe and Smart Card Encoding

² Color Printing, Graphics Printing

² Basic Topcoat, CardGard UV-Curing Topcoat

² Embossing / Topping

² Label Affixing

² Quality Assurance, Vision Verification, Bar Code Scanning Technology

² Card flipping Technologies for Operational Efficiency

MXD210 Card Delivery System

² Inline Black and White Printing

² Card Affixing / Folding

MXi210 Envelope Insertion System

² Envelope Insertion

² Insert Feeding

Pitting cost against capabilities can present some difficult trade-offs — but you don’t need to compromise long-term profitability for short-term savings. The MX2100 card issuance system is the most affordable high-volume solution offering true field modularity. Start with the capabilities you need today, and add features and capacity as your operation grows. Combine the MX2100 system with the MXD210 card delivery system and the MXi210 envelope insertion system for a complete card-to-envelope solution.

MX2100 Card Issuance System

² Protect your investment with true field modularity

² Minimize costly errors with inline quality assurance

² Gain speed and economy in small job processing or longer runs

MXD210 Card Delivery System

² Increase throughput by printing card carriers and affixing up to four cards to the carrier, completely inline

² Maintain data integrity and reduce human error with automated bar code verification

² Print on demand completely inline to increase throughput

MXi210 Envelope Insertion System

² Improve productivity and efficiency by leveraging inline envelope insertion and sealing

² Enhance security by completing your mail package inline and minimizing the risk of lost or stolen cards

² Reduce system downtime with minimal operator intervention