MX6100 | Central Card Issuance Systems | 产品与解决方案 | 智能卡|EMV|社保卡|个人化|银行卡---全球领先的智能卡解决方案提供商

Card Issuance Systems


The MX Series Platform™ includes a comprehensive range of technologies to choose from, depending upon your volumes, personalization requirements, card carrier requirements, and growth objectives. Integrate a combination of these technologies to meet your program needs.

MX6100 Card Issuance System

² Magnetic Stripe and Smart Card Encoding

² Laser Engraving, Color Printing, Retransfer Printing Graphics Printing, Basic Topcoat, CardGard, UV-Curing Topcoat & DuraGard Laminate

² Embossing /Topping

² Label Affixing

² Quality Assurance, Vision Verification, Bar Code Scanning Technology

² Buffer and Card Flipping Technologies for Operational Efficiency

MXD610 Card Delivery System

² Form Flexibility – Prints up to 11”x17” (A3) size forms

² Inline Color Printing

² Pre-printed Form Feeder Module

² Card Affixing

² Form Folding

MXi610 Envelope Insertion System

² Envelope Insertion

² Selective Insert Feeding

² Envelope Divert and Separation

² Envelope Verification

² Printing on the Envelope

New security threats and shifting customer expectations test the limits of your card operations as cost pressures intensify. Face these mounting challenges head-on with a system designed for today’s card issuance realities. The MX6100 card issuance system delivers the security, versatility and economy you need to help sustain—and maximize—profitability into the future. Combine the MX6100 system with the MXD610 card delivery system and the MXi610 envelope Insertion system for a complete inline card-to-envelope solution, delivering up to 1,800 cards and forms per hour。

MX6100 Card Issuance System

² Satisfy growing customer demand for customization

² Increase real-world throughput by up to 20%

² Streamline smart card handling

² Automate quality assurance

MXD610 Card Delivery System

² Add visual impact to your mailings with crisp, full-color laser printing

² Gain real estate for more messaging by leveraging larger paper sizes and adding cross-promotional content to your mailers

² Strengthen data security with automated bar code verification and a single service provider

MXi610 Envelope Insertion System

² Segment your mailings with flexible divert and segmentation options --  includes envelope diverting based on weight, jogging and ink marking

² Increase security from card to envelope with disguised mailing options, print on the envelope, and job auditing

² Deliver more targeted messages with flexible insert capabilities