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Card Issuance Systems


The MX Series Platform™ includes a comprehensive range of technologies to choose from, depending upon your volumes, personalization requirements, card carrier requirements, and growth objectives. Integrate a combination of these technologies to meet your program needs.

MX8100 Card Issuance System

Magnetic Stripe and Smart Card Encoding

Laser Engraving, Color Printing, Retransfer Printing Graphics Printing, Basic Topcoat, CardGard, UV-Curing Topcoat & DuraGard Laminate

Embossing /Topping

Label Affixing

Quality Assurance, Vision Verification, Bar Code Scanning Technology

Buffer and Card Flipping Technologies for Operational Efficiency

MXD810 Card Delivery System

• Card Affixing

• Form Buffer

• Form Folder

• Flex-form

• Pre-printed Form Feeder

• Black & White Printers

• Color Printers

• Form Stacker

MXi810 Envelope Insertion System

• Insert Feeder

• Sheet Feeder/Folder

• Accumulator/Folder

• Inserter Base

• Verification

• Standard Divert

• Envelope Printing

• Franking Interface

• High Capacity Vertical Conveyor

Our Fastest MX Series System

Speed is enhanced by the factors that drive real-world yields — including unmatched productivity, seamless card handling and optimized operator interaction. The MX8100 system sets a clear world standard for high-volume throughput.

Maximized Efficiency

The MX8100 system is our most productive high-volume system. Operators have the ability to group multiple small jobs to increase overall efficiencies. Datacard® Certified Supplies featuring patented Intelligent Supplies Technology™ verifies that the correct supplies are loaded and warns operators when supplies are running low.

True Field Modularity

Unlike competitive systems, the MX8100 system offers true field modularity. Entirely new or enhanced modules can be field-installed in a matter of minutes, which helps drive the unmatched investment protection you get from Datacard Group.

Quality Assurance Breakthroughs

Our software-driven features bring automation and precision to previously manual tasks and provide operators with tools to make productive decisions on the fly. With automated inline quality assurance, you can greatly reduce errors and waste, achieve higher throughput and lower your costs.

Maximized Comprehensive Solution

Seamless integration with Datacard® card delivery and envelope insertion systems creates a powerful, complete card-to-finished-envelope solution, enabling issuers to efficiently and cost-effectively increase consumer engagement and drive new revenue.

The Datacard® MX8100™ card issuance system brings unrivaled speed, reliability and cost-per-card efficiency to your issuance operations. Our fastest central issuance system yet, it offers a rated speed of up to 3,000 cards per hour. True field modularity, automated inline quality assurance, and streamlined smart card handling uniquely prepare you to meet your critical challenges – including the need to enhance the consumer experience, elevated data security threats and intensified cost pressures. Combined with the inline MXD810™ card delivery system and MXi810™ envelope insertion system, the MX8100 system provides a true card-to-finished-envelope solution.