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The Secure Card Issuance Management Solution is designed to provide card issuers with strictly enforced and secure, personnel, data, equipment, cards and card production procedures to help mitigate the risks associated with card production. This in turn ensures data security and issuance quality after taking into consideration the card issuer’s data complexity, accuracy of card stock management, timeliness of data processing as well as the ease of operation, amongst other requirements.  Goldpac’s Secure Card Issuance Management Solution achieves it’s goal to manage the secure transfer of data from the issuer system to the data center with flexible, efficient and integrated process controls, statistics collection with real-time tracking, and secure material disposal.

Goldpac's Secure Card Issuance Management solution is designed for financial, social security, retail and card issuers.


² Realizes the secure protection of the entire card issuance chain.

² Realizes card issuer issuance management.

² Realizes card level security warning mechanisms to deter fraudulent operations.

² Realizes the automation of the card issuance process.

² Integrates the management and handling of both magnetic stripe and smart card data.