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The widespread adoption and implementation of financial social security card projects is driving the need for a fast and efficient card replacement system. Current financial social security cards, for instance, require a number of complex processes and administrative steps to happen before a card can be produced. This entails a long lead-time between service application and card issuance. If replacement cards follow the same procedure, it would greatly affect the efficiency of issuance and collection services and may be a major cause of inconvenience for the cardholder. To solve this, Goldpac's Emergency Card Replacement solutions specifically address the secure replacement of lost or damaged cards. The re-issuance process is quick and efficient as it only requires previously generated secure data to be reinstated in a new card. This drastically reduces the time required to produce a replacement card and can even be issued over the counter, significantly increasing cardholder satisfaction levels.


² Simplifies card replacement logistics, greatly reduces card replacement time, enhances cardholder satisfaction levels

² Highly secure key management, all keys are centrally managed by provincial social security management centers ensuring data confidentiality

² Social security card projects are typically co-administered by financial institutions, opening up the potential for the integration of value added services like e-purses

² Standardizes the classification and approval process, increasing efficiency

² Offers real-time issued and unpersonalized card stock level information for better inventory control to ensure uninterrupted service

² The system can be seamlessly extended to cover replacement of financial transaction cards, eliminating the need for duplicate investment