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The data preparation system is an absolutely necessary part for financial smart card issuance, in compliant with EMV and PBOC standards. Goldpac's data preparation solution is to help card issuers perform data preparation prior to complete card personalization. Its duties include data parsing and sorting, certificate and key data management and sensitive cardholder data management. Processed data files are referred to as Output Files and these are delivered directly to card issuer preferred card personalization operators for further processing.

The data preparation system solution is designed for institutions in the financial sector.


² Customized development of solution to comprehensively address customer needs for ease of use, performance and cost effectiveness

² Reduces the risks in card issuer operated models and realizes secure financial data processing and transfer protection

² Improves data processing efficiency, data integration, business integration and network integration through automated management and control systems

² The system is highly reliable and ensures consistency and integrity of data

² Separates data and card processes, providing card issuers with a foundation on which to integrate possible outsourced card personalization services in the future