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Financial services data is extremely confidential and sensitive. As the personalization of financial services smart cards requires the use of this confidential data, it becomes imperative to ensure that this data is protected throughout its lifetime. A particular vulnerability exists during the transmission of this data between the card issuer and the personalization center. Data theft, fraud and illegal data acquisition are of the risks that exist.

Based on the years of experience accumulation, Goldpac's secure data Transmission system is able to ensure that data is comprehensively protected during transmission, whether upstream or downstream, and offers data encryption, automated system monitoring, key management and system management features.

Goldpac's secure data transmission system is particular suited to card issuers in the financial, government and retail sectors.


² Central security platform design, enabling secure transfer of sensitive information to eliminate security risks

² Increases the efficiency of data transmission and utilization

² Improves ease of use, is easy to configure and simple to operate

² Complies with financial security standards and can be customized to meet the ease of use, performance and cost

effectiveness needs of customers