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There has been a phenomenal rise in the number of smart cards being personalized following the widespread adoption of smart cards in the financial services, social security, health and transport sectors. With the widespread demand for convenient, instant and personalized card issuance, card issuers are becoming more aware of the need for timely, secure and scalable card issuance capabilities. Responding to the evolving industry trends, Goldpac integrates cross-industry technological resources, combining nearly 30 years of successful and professional experience, to deliver complete on-site issuance solutions, satisfying cross-industry secure, efficient and quick card issuance demands in the sectors of financial, social security, transport and retail.

Goldpac's on-site issuance solution is best suited for card issuers in financial, government, transport and retail sectors.


² Compliant with standards issued by EMV, PBOC, UICS, social security and transportation sectors amongst others.

² A powerful platform on which to provide differentiated services.

² Improves card issuance efficiency, service level, and cardholder acquisition rates.

² Allows card issuers to enjoy significant cost savings and reduces intermediary links thereby avoiding process-related risks.