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Goldpac's instant card issuance system is built on the back of Goldpac's extensive development and implementation experience, as well as the knowledge it has gained helping card issuers carry out independent research into the requirements for real-time card issuances services. Potential cardholders need only approach a card issuing service point with their application. Upon approval, the cardholder is immediately issued with an active card. The complete process requires only several minutes. This approach has a significant, positive impact on lowering card issuer operating cost, while raising cardholder activation rates and ultimately, improving card issuers’ service, and increasing market competitiveness.

Suitable for

² Bank branches.

² Retail business groups.

² Aviation or transport organizations.

² Promotion of significant events.

² Government projects.


² Provides a secure, convenient card application experience for cardholders.

² Provides card issuers with a powerful way to effectively leverage new card products and improve competitiveness.

² Provides card issuers with an innovative marketing channel to get closer to customers.

² Provides card issuers with a stable and efficient platform, capable of responding quickly to dynamic marketing changes.

² Reduces card issuer card mailing cost and increases activation rates.

² Reduce card delivery after production for card issuing institutions, to avoid risks of card delivery.