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As competition in the banking sector intensifies, institutions are increasingly looking for ways to improve competitiveness by offering interesting and differentiated services. Goldpac's Community Banking solutions can help institutions leverage the resources they already have, and then bolt on the advantages of data mining and the incorporation of innovative service models, enable off-line marketing services and even help deploy targeted marketing campaigns. Firstly, Goldpac’s community banking solutions are designed to provide traditional non-financial transaction services including product display, form pre-filling, personal information verification, credit approval, service management and monitoring. Second, it will integrate self-service and remote voice/video assistance to support more banking services, to help banks diversify their business, and optimize the distribution of bank customer traffic. Finally, establish an immersive remote financial management platform utilizing high-definition video conferencing to create private meeting rooms to provide exclusive financial services. Financial experts can provide customers with high-quality financial services remotely, and improve the utilization rate of expert resources together with improved customer experience.


² Closer proximity offers cardholders better visibility and immersive experience on value added services.

² Realizes form pre-filling, raising service efficiency.

² Provides out of bank branch transaction capabilities such as account opening, signing of bank services, microfinance 

       for individual and enterprise, wealth management product sales, subscription of internet banking and other out of bank 

       branch services.

² Precise and accurate, effective target marketing to achieve a better accuracy.

² Monitoring and auditing capabilities help build an accurate picture of service network status.

² Remote IT management and "0" maintenance personnel help build an integrated deployment.