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Goldpac provides customers with a comprehensive and competitive suite of mobile payment solutions based on mobile Apps, secure chips and their applications, smart secure payment equipment, and payment systems. Cardholders in turn, enjoy a secure and convenient payment experience.

Goldpac's mobile payment solutions are designed for financial institutions, mobile network operators, payment services providers, transport operators, retailers, and industry applications.

Create value for customers

² Value added services: Personalized value-added service to assist customers to stimulate earnings growth.

² Fund management: Provide secure and efficient management functions for funds settlement, financial fund

management, and account remaining balance management.

² Open platform: Provides customers with broader opportunities for cooperation with additional parties.

² Terminal integration: Provide retail cashier and commodity management services as well as provisioning convenient

intelligent terminal equipment, which support facial recognition, voice recognition and other relevant business operations.

² High availability: Provide real-time data and status monitoring of the system when operating, and support the dynamic

expansion of the system’s capabilities to assist the expansion of business scale.


Based on the secure equipment management and security applications with the technologies such as TSM (Trusted Services Management) and HCE (Host Card Emulation), the product system complies with financial security standards as well as PCI and PA DSS security standards.

² Support payment security application and management and NFC payment process in accordance with standards of


² Support TOKEN-based payment methods according to the standards set by Unionpay/VISA/Mastercard.

² Support transaction traceability management based on block chain technology.

² Equipment security: Supports highly secure financial equipment management mechanism, supports data collection,

environmental data collection and operation status monitoring of the equipment as well as providing equipment running

status report and fault warning functions.

Flexibility and Convenience

² The diverse range of Apps enabled by the open platform helps to attract users with a variety of different interests.

² Business processes can be personalized according to business scenarios to support the integration with business

systems, such as finance, commodity management, inventory management and other systems, to flexibly support

various business scenes.

² As a multi-App platform, the system integrates traditional service models to support internet banking at a higher security

level, enabling more convenient services for industry applications. For example, secure and convenient charging

services are provided using Bluetooth technology and NFC for contactless smart cards (such as the public transport card).