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Goldpac's PBOC series of products comply with PBOC and international specifications for financial transactions. These products have attained smart card certifications from Bank Card Test Center. Utilizing different configurations and leveraging the versatility of dynamically downloaded applications helps meet the diverse range of customer needs, contributing to its widespread use in the industry. This in turn, is helping to drive customer efficiency and growth.

Product features

² Compatible with the PBOC3.0 standard and complies with, and is certified to PBOC2.0 specifications by Bank Card Test Center.

² Leverages the advanced security capabilities of Java technology and complies with the latest requirements from the Java Card Global Platform specifications

² Locally developed microprocessors supporting the PBOC3.0 standard also support both domestic (SM2/SM3/SM4) and international (RSA/SHA-1/DES) algorithms.

² The card operating system is also certified by China UnionPay for its microprocessor operating security

² Can be extended to social security, Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, transport and related industry applications

Product classification

² Contactless PBOC series

² Dual-interface PBOC series

² Special-shaped PBOC series

Technical specifications

² Memory capacity: 40K-80K

² Microprocessor security level: overseas microprocessors attain CC EAL5+ or higher, domestic microprocessors attain China UnionPay security certification and EAL4+ or higher

² Communication protocol: T=0T=1T=CL(Type AB, a subset of products support Mifare One)

² Performance: 300ms or less for qPBOC extended transactions application