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Innovative Card Products


Rapid advances in the development of electronic payment is fueling the demand for secure, convenient payment products. Major financial institutions are increasingly turning to the use of innovative technologies to create value-added services that address the diversified needs of cardholders and to bolster their brand awareness. Goldpac is leading the future of electronic payment through its introduction of next generation, high quality, highly secure payment products. The Display Card innovatively combines a display panel and keypad with a cutting edge smart card processor to enhance cardholder convenience and bolster customer retention.

The Display Card employs the use of industry leading display technologies and are available in the GoldDisplay1000, GoldDisplay2000 and GoldDisplay3000 products lines. These products are already certified by Bank Card Test Center and can be customized to different specifications and requirements.

Product features

² Utilizes world leading display technologies that feature low power consumption, superior clarity and reliability

² Can display account balance, transaction log and other information

² Generates OTP and performs digital signing

² Can be developed to meet customized demands

Areas of application

Highly suited to the complete spectrum of payment card applications