CONTINUOUS BID-WINNING Goldpac A.I. Self-service Financial Kiosks Continuously Promote the Innovation and Upgrade of Social Security Service Network | Latest Updates | 关于金邦达 | 智能卡|EMV|社保卡|个人化|银行卡---全球领先的智能卡解决方案提供商

Investor Relations

Recently, Goldpac A.I. Self-service Financial Kiosk has won bids for Changshu City Citizen Card, Maoming City Social Security Card and other projects, which once again proves that the technical strength and service level of Goldpac A.I. Self-service Financial Kiosks have been further recognized by customers. It not only greatly facilitates the citizen to make self-service query nearby and handle the social security business, but also provides all-round support for the continuous promotion of the innovation and upgrading of the social security service network.

With the further deepening of social security service work, Goldpac independently developed various innovative application services on the basis of a number of A.I. Self-service Financial Kiosks in accordance with the current situation of social security applications. At present, Goldpac has the most complete social security A.I. Self-service Financial Kiosks on the market which has a variety of application functions, such as information collection, identity authentication, identity information retention, social security card information query, withdrawal, payment and so on. The kiosks can not only significantly improve the efficiency of business management, but also greatly improve the application environment of social security cards in communities in rural areas, so that residents can have easy access to all kinds of social security and financial business nearby.

With the vigorous development of cloud services, big data and other Internet technologies, financial science and technology have given birth to more new business forms and models. How to better respond to national policies and truly bring safer, more convenient and faster service is a problem that is of great concern and urgent need to be solved in the industry. Goldpac, as a leading Fintech enterprise, leverages advanced technologies and valuable experience accumulated in the field of social security for more than 20 years to help customers reconstruct social security business processes, streamline operation steps, and provide the solution of A.I. Self-service Financial Kiosks, which take the lead in various angles, such as appearance design, structural design, function configuration, hardware configuration and so on. The solution promotes the speed of A.I. Self-service Financial Kiosks landing and helps to improve the efficiency of social service.