Goldpac wins tender for AI Self-service Kiosk of Hangzhou and Nantong Citizen Card issuance. The win is a further step towards “One-pass” Government s | Latest Updates | 关于金邦达 | 智能卡|EMV|社保卡|个人化|银行卡---全球领先的智能卡解决方案提供商

Investor Relations

Goldpac has been selected for the Hangzhou and Nantong Citizen Card project using Goldpac’s AI Self-service kiosks. The kiosks include the SAE201 card-dispensing kiosk and the SCE102 card-issuance kiosks. The project is a step towards the implementation of “One-pass” governmental services. Goldpac’s AI Self-service kiosks not only meet the needs for one-stop, “close proximity” governmental services, but also provide efficient, self-service, distributed and intelligent solutions.

The State Council of China has prioritized the “Internet+” initiative to further hasten reforms in governmental services. The Hangzhou and Nantong Citizen Card will lead the way for high-quality governmental services. Capitalizing on the means of the internet, the Hangzhou and Nantong Citizen Card offers efficient and convenient governmental services through online, self-service and mobile internet means. As the expert in intelligent financial service solutions, Goldpac makes full use of its technological strengths in AI and cloud computing and is committed to delivering smart solutions to citizens.

Goldpac’s social security AI Self-service kiosks enable self-serviced and real-time production and issuance of citizen cards after proof of identity verification is confirmed using the 2nd generation China ID card, mobile phone number or mobile message authentication code. Compared with earlier card distribution methods such as branch pickup and mail delivery, Goldpac’s social services AI Self-service kiosks not only solve deep-seated challenges associated with long queuing up times, complicated reviewing processes and long delivery times for mail, but also reduce manpower cost whilst extending service hours and the enhancement of efficiency.

Looking ahead, Goldpac will pursue its goal of “Creating More Value for Clients” whilst consistently tapping into new market potential. It will also accelerate the implementation of its AI strategy, focus on AI finance and AI government sectors, and bolster the foundations for future competitiveness.