Innovative Card Products

Goldpac's mobile payment SD card merges a highly secure smart card microprocessor (Secure Element) with a large capacity SD storage card. This innovative product supports EMV, PBOC3.0 and relevant payment related standards. Once inserted, SD card slot-equipped smartphones automatically and seamlessly gain mobile payment features, significantly simplifying service deployment processes and maintains exceptionally high levels of security.

Goldpac's mobile payment SD card can be used across a number of industries and takes advantage of near field payment, remote payment, OTA, remote account enquiries and other financial services capabilities.

Primary Functions:

² Near-field payment

Supports a variety of near-field payment services that utilize the internationally standardized 13.56MHz contactless frequency.

² Remote Payment

Cardholders can download a dedicated online transaction application that interacts with the inserted mobile payment SD card to transparently add online payment and mobile e-commerce capabilities.

² Identity verification

Enables the implementation of PKI schemes and supports digital certificate and identity verification features. Can also be used as an SD-KEY for mobile banking related secure services.