Why Goldpac

Working hours:  5-day, 8-hour

Holidays:  Public holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, sick leave, compassionate leave

Remuneration:   Competitive remuneration package

Shift-duty allowance

Seniority bonus:  applicable after first 6 months, increases annually.

Free meals, overtime meals or meal allowances.

Transport allowance.

Full coverage of social security and housing provident fund

Year-end double pay, year-end bonus, salary adjustment opportunities

Top performer equity incentive.

Marriage, child birth and work commencement gift and holiday benefits.

Free annual medical checkups.

Engaging and inclusive corporate activities (fun sports clubs, Women’s Day, Skill Competition, gatherings and annual meetings).

Annual appraisal and bonus.

Training and professional development opportunities.

Referral scheme: referral incentives.